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How Many Whiskey Distilleries Are There In Scotland

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  • 19-10-2022
How Many Whiskey Distilleries Are There In Scotland

Are you wondering: how many whiskey distilleries are there in Scotland? Find out more about the best whiskey tours of Scotland and the top whisky distilleries to visit in Scotland.

Number of whiskey distilleries in Scotland

The beautiful nation of Scotland is home to more than one hundred and forty different malt and grain distilleries. This makes the country the greatest concentration of whisky production anywhere on the planet. Not only that, but many of these fantastic distilleries are open and allow visits by members of the public.

You will need to make arrangements before you arrive the majority of the time, but it is common for distilleries to have highly detailed visitor facilities. There are some distilleries that even welcome surprise visits that have not been booked in advance. If you are a lover of scotch, then we would highly recommend visiting a distillery.

The sites allow you to really indulge in your passion, all while discovering the environments that have allowed the whisky to be created and meet the people that have done so much to shape the whisky industry and work tirelessly every day to ensure that their product stays iconic. 

No matter which distillery you actually decide on visiting, you can always expect fantastic Scotch Whisky. Whether the distillery is based on the mainland, or an island, a large distillery or a small one, you will always receive a traditional warm and welcoming Scottish welcome, as well as a fantastic day out.

What is the best whiskey tour of Scotland?

Auchentoshan, Lowlands

This is the closest distillery to Glasgow and is easily accessible by train simply by visiting the city's famous Central Station. If you are looking for a day out, then, Auchentoshan is a fantastic small distillery to visit. There they produce some of Scotland's finest light whiskeys. 

On the tour, the knowledgeable guide will take you through the entire process of how they make their whisky. This includes a fascinating look at the triple distillation process. You will also be given the opportunity to sample three whiskies from Auchentoshan's own range.

On some occasions, you can also taste one from Auchentoshan's stablemates, either Bowmore or Glen Garioch.The classic tour lasts for around sixty minutes, and one whiskey sample will be handed out to each person on the tour. The cost is £10 per person.

The Auchentoshan experience is a ninety-minute tour with the opportunity to taste four different Auchentoshan whiskies. There is a price of £35 per person for this tour, but for an additional £80, you can fill up your own bottle directly from the cask!Next is the Ultimate Auchentoshan experience. This is just over two hours long and is considered a masterclass in three of the different core range whiskies.

You will also taste two of the archive whiskies and have the chance to sample some whiskey directly from the cask. This tour costs £55 per person.

Edradour, Highlands

This is renowned as one of the most picturesque distilleries in the entirety of Scotland. Not only is Edradour one of the most visited in Scotland, and for good reason, but it is known as one of the smallest distilleries too!

The distillery is situated roughly around two hours away from both Glasgow and Edinburgh. Once you arrive at the premises, you will be given the opportunity to tour around this stunning small distillery; you will be able to watch processes that have not changed since the Victorian era.

At the end of the tour, you will have the chance to taste a few drams in the distillery's old Malt Barn. Of course, if you are a huge whiskey fan, then you should take advantage of the distillery shop. They have access to some highly limited excellent bottlings.

The classic tour here at Edradour is an hour long and comes along with two drams of Edradour in the old Malt Barn. For adults, the cost for the tour is £7.50, and the price for a children's ticket is £2.50.

How Many Whiskey Distilleries Are There In Scotland?

Springbank, Campbeltown

Although Springbank is not the easiest distillery to get to, it is well worth putting in the effort. Springbank is one of the most traditional distilleries across the whole of Scotland. Taking a trip to Springbank is the chance to take in not only one distillery but two! During the tour, you will bear witness to the whole whisky-making process. Every last step. This includes floor maltings.

Springbank is one of the only distilleries to offer this part of the process. You will also be given a dram of the distillery's delicious and unique malt. If you have never tasted Springbank whiskey before then, you are in for an absolute treat. There are four different tours available at the facility. 

Firstly the Springbank & Glengyle Tour. This is a tour of both distilleries along with a dram of both Springbank 10-year-old and Kilkerran whisky. You will even get a complimentary miniature to take back home—a cost of £10 per person.

Next is the Cadenhead Warehouse Tasting. In this experience, you will get the chance to sample a selection of the finest whiskies from Cadenhead, drawn directly from the cask. This cost £25 per person. The Premier Tour is a walking tour of Campbeltown. This comes with a visit to three distinct distilleries, along with a sample of whisky taken directly from the cask. Lunch is included too! The cost is £75 per person.

Finally is the Frank McHardy Tour. In this special opportunity, you will get four hours with a legend in the whiskey industry, Frank McHardy. As well as a tour of both Glengyle and Springbank and a taste of Frank's favourite whiskies from each distillery. The cost for this tour is £100 per person.

Laphroaig, Islay

This is another of Scotland's most famous distilleries. Laphroaig is located on the gorgeous island of Islay. The distillery recently celebrated its 200th birthday, and they are known for producing some of the most famous spirits in the entire world.

The distillery can be found close to both Ardbeg and Lagavulin, meaning there are opportunities to visit all three.

Arran distillery, Isle of Arran

The Arran distillery is extremely modern, and its visitor centre is brand new, only opened in the year 1997. The distillery can be found on the wonderful Isle of Arran. The isle is sometimes lovingly named "Scotland in miniature".

Out of all the distilleries in Scotland, Arran distillery has some of the most picturesque surroundings. The sights and sounds will indeed wow you. If you visit at just the right times of the year, then you might be able to catch a glimpse at the pair of golden eagles who nest up in the nearby hills.

The distillery is easily accessible by train and ferry from Glasgow, and we would highly recommend Arran for a day trip. The first tour available here is the Distillery tour.

This lasts for forty-five minutes and includes the tour, an introductory dram, and a quick taste of the Arran Gold Cream Liqueur. Children go free at this distillery, and the price per person is £8.

Next is the Drop Inn Tour. This is a smaller tour that takes only twenty minutes to complete. The smaller tour means a smaller cost, so the price per person is only £4.

Tutored Tasting is the final option. This option is for those that are truly interested in the world of whiskey. Four Arran whiskies are available to taste with a knowledgeable expert by your side. This costs £15.50 per person.

What Is The Best Whiskey Tour Of Scotland?

What is the oldest whisky distillery in Scotland?

It has been an absolutely huge year for The Glenturret. This is Scotland's oldest working distillery, it was officially established in the year 1763, but even in the year 2022, it is as relevant as ever. Back in February 2022, the Perthshire-based distillery became the world's first and only Michelin Star whisky distillery.

In August, the distillery announced the release of its oldest single malt to date. A beautiful stunning 50-year-old expression packaged up in a luxurious specially-designed Lalique crystal decanter. Only one hundred and fifty of these bottles will be made available in total, and they are being sold at the high price of £40,000. And if that is not quite exclusive enough for you, The Glenturret has an even rarer proposition for you.

The distillery has collaborated with the famous auction house Sotheby's to place the very first bottle under the hammer. Not only is The Glenturret the oldest distillery in Scotland, but The Glenturret is also one of the smallest! Their malt whiskey is still handcrafted in modern times as it was well over two centuries ago. This is done using the single remaining hand-operated mash tun across all of Scotland. 

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