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Sights Between Edinburgh And Aberdeen

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  • 16-09-2021
Sights Between Edinburgh And Aberdeen

Top Things to See Between Edinburgh and Aberdeen

What are the top sights between Edinburgh and Aberdeen? If you are travelling between Edinburgh and Aberdeen you can visit any of these fantastic attractions during your stay in the highlands.

1) Five Sisters Zoo

The Five Sisters Zoois a must-see on your road trip from Edinburgh to Aberdeenas it provides guests with a thrilling opportunity to get up close and personal and spend time with over 180 different animals, reptiles and birds from around the world. 

This zoo has an extensive amount of different animal speciessuch as monkeys, meerkats, lynx, lions, racoons, lemurs, foxes, porcupines, parrots, rabbits and reindeers; as well as many more. Five Sisters Zoo offers an exciting and educational experience perfect for the whole family.

Keeper talks and presentations, as well as feeding and handling sessions, all take place throughout the day.

Handling sessions include animals such as hedgehogs, tortoises, snakes, bearded dragons and giant African land snails. This is a considerably ideal place to stop if you have children or are a lover of animals.

Five Sisters Zoo: Things to See Between Edinburgh and Aberdeen

2) Linlithgow Palace

When travelling from Edinburgh to Aberdeen, why not stop and explore the magnanimous ruins of the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots. Linlithgow Palace was masterfully constructed and developed by the Stewart kings over two centuries, resulting in a magnificent Renaissance residence.

This remarkable sanctuary was one of the most idyllic locations for royals who needed to break the journey between Edinburgh Castle and Stirling Castle. Linlithgow Castle sports high towers that look out over an abundance of lush greeneryand a loch brimming with wildfowl. 

Various monarchs were born in this royal palace surrounded by tranquil gardens and grounds. 

Their annual Spectacular Jousting event that occurs every summer harks back to the days of medieval tournaments on Linlithgow Peel.

 Linlithgow Palace: Things to See Between Edinburgh and Aberdeen

3) Pittencrieff Park

Pittencrieff Park is one of Scotlands prettiest parks and is a great free road trip stop off. The park is located west of the city centreof Dunfermline. The famous Pittencrieff Park, or 'The Glen' commonly known by local people, has over 750,000 visitors annually. 

The park is well known for its resident peacocks; the 76-acre park is of tremendous historical and cultural significance.

Pittencrieff Park includes playgrounds, Japanese rock gardens, glasshouses, walks, wildlife, and woodlands.

Pittencrieff Park: Things to See Between Edinburgh and Aberdeen

4) Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh city will have you falling in love as you wander the charming ancient streets full of character and life. Edinburgh Castle is a must-see attraction for any visitor stopping by the city. 

This phenomenal castle packs an abundance of captivating history and remarkable views of the cities skyline. Towering over the iconic city, Edinburgh Castle is an unmissable spectacle, home to Crown Jewels of Scotland and the Stone of Destiny. 

After exploring the castle, if planning to stop in Edinburgh city, head to the National War Museum,where visitors can uncover Scotland's incredible military history at no cost. Visitors could stop at the haunting National War Memorial, take a wander down the Royal Mile, visit St Giles' Catherdral and see the Palace of Holyroodhouse. 

Edinburgh city is a famous thoroughfare, sporting an array of eclectic shops, restaurants, hotel accommodations, pubs, and historic closes.

Edinburgh Castle: Things to See Between Edinburgh and Aberdeen

5) National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland is an idyllic place to stop at. 

It is one of the top ten attractions for visitors in the United Kingdom and offers a diverse collection of Scottish discoveries. With their extensive exhibits and art gallery rooms,guests could delve into Scotland's vast history, learn about the wonders of nature,science and technology, art and design and all world cultures.

National Museum of Scotland: Things to See Between Edinburgh and Aberdeen

6) Edinburgh Old Town

Edinburgh Old Town is an incredible place to stop in Scotland. 

The city's glorious streets are packed with beautiful centuries-old buildings and quirky narrow alleyways.At the heart of the city, magnificently perched on an extinct volcano, is the striking Edinburgh Castle. 

The old town is also home to what locals call The Royal Mile, a steep street that runs from Edinburgh Castle to the Scottish Parliament and the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the Queen's Scottish residence. 

The Royal Mile is lined with traditional pubs, souvenir shops, small museums and restaurants, enough to keep you busy for hours and all within a short distance.

Edinburgh Old Town: Things to See Between Edinburgh and Aberdeen

7) Royal Yacht Britannia

On April 16th, 1953, The Britannia was launched from the John Brown & Company shipyard in Clydebank, Scotland. A great attraction to add to the itinerary, 

The Royal Yacht is one of the most famous and iconic ships in the world and has served the Royal Family for over 44 years. The Britania travelled more than a million nautical milesand provided the perfect Royal residency for state visits, royal honeymoons, official receptions, and relaxing family holidays to Her Majesty The Queen. 

For Great Britain, the Yacht was a dignified symbol of the Commonwealth and a noble ambassador producing billions of pounds in trade deals. Today, The Britannia is a highly popular visitor attraction in Scotland and an exclusive events venue in Edinburgh.

Royal Yacht Britannia: Things to See Between Edinburgh and Aberdeen

8) Arthur's Seat

Arthur's Seat is an excellent attraction to stop atalong the way of your road trip from Edinburgh to Aberdeen. It is an ancient volcanoperched 251m above sea level. 

Arthur's seat is an enormous, well-preserved fort that offers an amazing view of the city. 

Being one of four hill forts that date back to around 2000 years ago, it is a Sits of Special Scientific Interest and has an incredibly diverse range of flora and geology.

Arthur's Seat: Things to See Between Edinburgh and Aberdeen

9) Falkland Palace & Garden

Adored by Mary, Queen of Scots, The Falkland Palace and Gardens was the country residence of the Royal Stuarts. Guests could stroll around the grounds, marvelling at the magnificent Renaissance architecture and admiring the beautiful gardens and orchards.

The palace offers the opportunity to witness the finest examples of the Trust's conservation work.This includes centuries-old carvings, furniture and paintings. The palace is home to one of Britain's oldest original tennis courts, a historic orchardwith a living willow labyrinth, and beautiful formal gardens designed by Percy Cane. 

After 1660, The Falkland Palace fell into disrepair and in the 19th century had to be preserved from ruin by the 3rd Marquess of Bute.

The intricate wood panelling, extraordinary painted ceilings and exquisitely carved furniture provide a visually stunning insight into Bute's artistic vision, showcasing his admiration for the palace's Renaissance roots.

Falkland Palace & Garden: Things to See Between Edinburgh and Aberdeen

10) National Museum Of Flight

One of Scotlands most popular family-friendly attractions and a brilliant road trip destination, 

The National Museum of Flight, homes an elaborate collection of impressive aircraft. Guests could hear captivating stories about the people who built and flew them, learn all about the aviation history of Scotland from the First World War to the present day and immerse themselves in interactive galleries.

National Museum Of Flight: Things to See Between Edinburgh and Aberdeen

11) Scottish Seabird Centre

Guests could discover the curiosities of Scotland's seasalong your road trip from Edinburgh to Aberdeen with this fantastic family-friendly Discovery Experience. 

Visitors can control live interactive cameras to zoom in on the unique local wildlife, embrace Scotland's coastal beach views from the Seabird café, browse the gift shop, and get up close and personal to the local nature on one of their seasonal boat trips.

Scottish Seabird Centre: Things to See Between Edinburgh and Aberdeen

12) Tantallon Castle

Perched gracefully on the edge of the cliffs, looking out towards Bass Rock, the formidable Tantallon castle was the fortress of the Douglas family. 

This is a wonderful place to stopas you could ascend Tantallon's towers to encounter magnificent viewsof the Bass Rock and witness gannets plunging into the North Sea. 

You can also descend into the mysterious depths of the bleak pit prison. Tantallon Castle was home to the mighty Red Douglas dynasty, which often conflicted with the Crown. 

The castle was once besieged by James IV and James V but was sequentially destroyed in a siege of 1651 by Oliver Cromwell's. Numerous artefacts displayed help tell its dramatic historical stories.

Tantallon Castle: Things to See Between Edinburgh and Aberdeen

13)  Discovery Point and RRS Discovery

Discovery Point is where the famous Antarctic research vessel RRS Discovery resides. 

This incredibly popular, award-winning visitor attraction depicts the story of the Discovery, originating in Dundee, expeditions in the Antarctic and her many voyages following that. 

On your road trip from Edinburgh to Aberdeen, take the opportunity to learn all about Captain Scott and his courageous team at Discovery Point and about the Heroes of the Ice. 

Visitors should also take a trip to the gift shop for unique Discovery themed items and the on-site cafe.

St Andrews Cathedral: Things to See Between Edinburgh and Aberdeen

14)  St Andrews Cathedral

The extraordinary remains of St Andrews Cathedral, which was Scotland's largest cathedral, show how impressive the structure once was. 

The museum provides an exceptional collection of medieval art, sculptures, and relics discovered on the sites, including the majestic St Andrews Sarcophagus of Pictish date. 

The precinct walls are remarkably well preserved.

St Rule's Tower, residing in the precinct, is part of the first church of the Augustinian canons at St Andrew's and dates back to the early 12th century.

There are some genuinely illustrious views from the top.

15)  Arbroath Abbey

Just a short 30-minute drive down the road from Dundee will take you to the wonderfully historic town of Arbroath, home to the Arbroath Abbey.

The Arbroath Abbey was founded in the 12th century, and where the Declaration of Arbroath was signed in 1320. The declaration affirmed that Scotland was a completely independent nation. 

At the abbey, guests could explore the church ruins, gatehouse range and abbot's house. 

Afterwards, you can take a walk to the ancient harbour to pick up an Arbroath Smokie from the town centre. 

A smokie is a local delicacy of traditionally smoked haddock.

Glamis Castle: Things to See Between Edinburgh and Aberdeen

16)  Glamis Castle

Located in central Angus, and witness to over 1000 years of history, is the charming and historic Glamis Castle. 

Ancestral accommodation of the Earls of Strathmore and Kinghorne. Glamis Castle was allegedly the inspiration for Shakespeare's Macbeth and the childhood home of HM Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother.

Glamis Castle has witnessed an immense wealth of history. 

Throughout the grounds open season, expert guides will teach guests the historical stories of Mary, Queen of Scots, Bonnie Dundee, James V, the Old Jacobite Pretender to the throne James VIII, Janet Douglas and of course, Mary Eleanor Bowes.

The castle is home to flourishing gardens and grounds, an inspirational gift shop and a delicious victorian kitchen restaurant.

17)  Craigievar

When travelling from Edinburgh to Aberdeen, it's recommended you take a trip to the magnificent Craigevar Castle. 

Constructed in the 17th-century, the same family has owned this incredible castle for over 350 years. 

It is open to visitors for guided tours from April to September. Included within the castle are steep spiral staircases to the upper floors. 

This wonderfully stunning castle, set within a beautifully serene setting, is said to be the inspiration for some of Disney's castles.

Dunnottar Castle: Things to See Between Edinburgh and Aberdeen

18) Dunnottar Castle

Another castle worth visiting on your travels is Dunnottar Castle. The castle is a dramatic and redolent ruined cliff-top fortress that was initially the home of the Earls Marischal. 

The Earls Marischal were once one of the most powerful families in Scotland. 

This fantastic castle is an impregnable fortress home to multiple rich secrets of Scotland's colourful past, making it a history lovers dream and a genuinely iconic tourist destination for visitors worldwide. 

Dunnottar Castle provides a romantic and haunting vibe and is the perfect place for any photographers who may wish to stop at the ruin for a magnificently unforgettable experience.

19) Loch Muick

Loch Muick is part of the Balmoral Estate and is located an 8-mile trip southwest of Ballater, Aberdeenshire.

Loch Muick can be found at the base of Lochnagar, one of Scotland's most excellent mountains. 

The area has a number of walking routes and various wildlife, including grouse and deers.

Facilities at Loch Muick include a visitor centre and a car park.

20)  David Welch Winter Gardens

The David Welch Winter Gardens, situated at Duthie Park, Aberdeen, are Europe's most extensive indoor gardens and Scotland's third most visited gardens. 

It homes an array of beautiful floral exhibits all year round, with a variety of rare and exotic plants on display from all around the world. Guests can stop at the Temperate House, Fern House, Corridor of Perfumes, 

21)  Aberdeen Maritime Museum

The city of Aberdeen has prospered significantly from sea-based industries, from the inflation of Aberdeen's fishing industry at the beginning of the 20th century to today's oil industry. 

The Aberdeen Maritime Museum explores the magnificent historical developments behind Aberdeens maritime ambitions.

Japanese Garden, Victorian Corridor, Tropical House and Arid House, home to one of the most impressive collections of Cacti and Succulents in Britain.

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