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Our Tour Guides

Tour Guide and Driver for Duncan’s Tours Scotland. Much loved by visitors

Bill is a highlander by birth and a historian at heart who brings Scotland’s landscapes, castles and cities to life with his storytelling and historical knowledge.

Following a lifetime working in Finance, Bill was later in life when introduced to touring.

From his home in Inverness, the Capital of the Highlands, Bill was immersed in Scottish history from infancy, developing an insatiable appetite for the forgotten mysteries of his homeland, inspired by King Duncans grave and Well at the heart of his little village and the infamous and iconic Culloden Battlefield just four miles away.

Spending his life living and working throughout Scotland, Bill’s weekends were spent deepening his knowledge and appreciation for Scotland past and present.

Yet, it was upon Bill’s retirement, when he was offered the opportunity to Tour Guide with Duncans Tours that his real calling became evident.

In his own words, Bill says: 

“‘Duck to Water’ comes to mind - as this gave me the chance to marry my skills of speaking to people with my love of history. When you also appreciate my love of Scotland and all things Scottish together with the opportunity of showcasing them to visitors – ideal!”

Bill’s Tales from Tours:

Funny things – rambling through graveyards looking for ancestral grave stones!

Enjoying the ‘Wow!’ when my U S tourists enter the village of Fittie, see the windswept beauty of the Lecht or glimpse Dunnotter Castle on a Scottish slightly misty morning!

My most memorable moment was when an American tourist returned to Aberdeen with his new partner and asked if I would take them on a tour of the city, a city he had lived in 25 years previously. When the tour finished he confessed that he had ‘warned’ his lady friend that the city did not offer very much for the tourist but, he concluded, ” Bill, you have made Aberdeen come to life”

I trust that this type of phrase is echoed following all Duncan Tours and I look forward to many more of these proud moments showcasing Scotland to visitors old and new.